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When I was an international news reporter I interviewed entrepreneurs, government officers, and industry leaders from around the world. I focused on innovation and technology. Below are some examples. 

Traveling Apps Saves People Time and Data Usage

​​March 2013, broadcasted on CTITV

  • was on the list of Time’s 50 best websites for 2010. The travel planning website and app it created allow people to no longer need any paper map nor pay for any expensive telecom service. 

  • Highlight of Interviewees: Joachim Paasche, Founder of 

Digital Innovation Builds Connection in Between Visitors and Museums

  • Digital innovation in the Rijksmuseum impressed visitors around the world. From marketing strategies to the website,  Rijksmuseum tried all it could to be more creative and interactive.

  • Highlight of Interviewees: Martijn Pronk, Head of the Rijksmuseum Publications and Digital Media Department

Several clinics in the Netherlands help patients rehab while cutting cost and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness at the same time. Immersive games are the solution for several social problems.

Amsterdam City Government Tackles Unemployment with Games

  • Amsterdam city government increased youth employment rate by a set of interactive games. The challenges include both online offline components.

  • Highlight of Interviewees:

    • Laura Boon, Policy Advisor on Youth Unemployment, City of Amsterdam 

Smart Cities Inform Citizens On Their Carbon Emissions

Smart cities encourage citizens to gather more data and learn about how they can impact the environment.

Big Data Is Changing Our Life


  • Highlight of Interviewees: 

    • Anders Lund Rendtorff, Oracle EMEA Products & Services PR

    • Steen Christiansen Mayor, City of Albertslund & Chairman, Greater Copenhagen & Skåne Committee

    • Viktor Mayer-Schonberger, Author of Big Data

Social Entrepreneurs Brighten Children's Life


  • Children in the slum have fewer resources to learn and find a job. The local social entrepreneurs tried their best to provide educational toys, tutors, and job opportunities.

  • Highlight of Interviewees: Danie Van Loggerenberg, Founder of Toys for Africa​

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