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Spark Accel, an accelerator for early-stage startups

February 2020 - April 2022

I founded and spearheaded the product direction for FilmIt, an AR-enabled mobile app for video creation. 

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The Empathy Machine

Top 20 selections, CANNES XR Challenge

May 2020 - June 2020

I led the process of identifying a sustainable business model for The Empathy Machine. The AI-powered solution can chat with users to access their emotions, and amplify the feelings with procedurally recreated VR experiences.

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3D Communication Hub

Most Creative Method of Interaction with AR Prototype, CHARIoT Challenge, National Institute of Standards and Technology

March 2020 - March 2021

I was a researcher, designer, and product manager. Our solution helps first responders build a command center out of any space or room, automatically; crews can maintain a clear understanding of the critical moving elements for their tasks.

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Screen Door Labs

First Place, Pitch Showcase, Grid110 Accelerator Program

August 2018

As a co-founder, I pitched on behalf of Screen Door Labs. Screen Door Labs graduated from Grid110's I2P program together with another 14 startups and took the first place at Pitch Showcase. Grid110 was an accelerator funded by the LA City government.

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Excellence in VR/AR Award, Glendale Tech Week, City of Glendale

September 2018

Screen Door Laboratories created ARescue, a team communication software built for firefighters. The virtual command center shows commanders 2D and 3D maps, as well as geotags and video feeds from drone operators and other firefighters. Boots on the ground can see virtual markers that lead them to their objectives. Running on tablets, smartphones, and several off-the-shelf AR headsets, ARescue allows first responders to work safer, respond faster, and communicate better as a team. 

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VR Navigation

4th place, VR Heads-Up-Display Navigation Challenge, National Institute of Standards and Technology

June 2018

Screen Door Laboratories demonstrated our software in both augmented reality and virtual reality. Having a working mixed reality prototype, we introduced our software to government officers, researchers, and scientists. In a more controlled virtual reality environment, we demonstrated how eye-tracking serves as a perfect UX/UI tool for officers. This design won us the 4th place of the Virtual Reality Heads-Up-Display Navigation Challenge hosted by NIST’s Public Safety Communications Research Program.

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Hackathon Project

March 2018

Use augmented reality, facial recognition, and machine learning to create holographic name tags for the people you meet. No more awkwardly forgetting someone's name!

idKnowU was created during Creating Reality Hackathon - AR/VR Hackathon (Sponsored by USC).

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Léon: The Professional in VR

Hackathon Project

October 2016

This immersive experience brought together the elements of the movie, Léon: The Professional into VR. We recreated the environment using custom Maya and Blender objects, textures, and scripts. We've also incorporated sound clips from the movie and replicated the movie's narrative structure and scene layout.

Léon: The Professional in VR was created during the Reality, Virtually, Hackathon (Sponsored by MIT).

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