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Unity Muse Sketch

Senior Technical Product Manager

2022 - 2024 

Muse Sketch is an AI-powered web-based real-time 3D content creation tool for creative professionals (game designers, level designers, and artists). I was hired as the first product manager. I drove roadmap decisions for the $9.3M market, getting a green light from VPs and GMs in two orgs.

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Senior Product Manager


Nuro's electric autonomous vehicles are designed to deliver goods. I owned the product roadmap of three operation tools, helping operators control autonomous vehicles remotely with video streaming and sensor fusion.

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Adobe Premiere Rush

Product Manager

2019 - 2020

Rush is a video creation software that comes with built-in camera functionality.  I conducted research on three new verticals for the product, including enterprise, education, and international markets. I also worked with engineers on pushing the product to a new platform.

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MarketingAssistant is a one-stop, web-based solution designed to assist merchants in preparing customer-facing product descriptions across different platforms.

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AssetFinder is a web app that helps Unity users identify the assets they need from the Unity Asset Store, taking into account descriptions, Q&A, and user reviews. This is a team project for Anthropic AI Hackathon.

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2015 - 2017

I had the idea of OpinionSent, a mobile app that collects and distributes news comments. During my MBA/MS in Media Ventures, I pivoted the idea to an app that helps opinion leaders share news comments through self-filmed videos. 

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My design thinking team created a paper mock-up of a mobile app that helps immigrants in Taiwan become familiarized with the logistics in schools, hospitals, and post offices. This was done when the group was studying for the Human-Centered Design Certificate under IDEO. 

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